My grandfather created his winery when the grapes were still pressed by hand on wood presses and the wine transported in large vats on horse-drawn carriages.

“It was 1897 when the name Canel began to make itself known in the countryside of Valdobbiadene which was already well suited to producing quality wine.”

Taking over the baton of the founder, my father continued the path of the business started by my grandfather and expanded the production methods. The first sparkling wine processes began, using the method now known as "Champenoise”, the same method used for Champagne which consists of resting the Prosecco in the bottle with its own sediment.

Over the years, the processes have evolved, constantly improving and perfecting the quality of our products, culminating in the noted Charmat method used today, which consists of secondary fermentation in a sealed pressure tank.

The passion and joy poured into the quest for increasingly better quality are inextricably linked to the love for the land and its produce, and are proudly integrated into our products.

Every one of our labels marks a step forward toward a “Superior” production and the name Canel 1897 has become a seal of quality that, for more than a century, has accompanied the products of a family tradition dedicated to Prosecco.